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the Candelaria team

Founded in 1992, Candelaria Construction offers decades of construction, building and business experience to our customers. Our vision, mission and core values guide us in our pursuit of excellence.


To achieve constant and sustainable growth to ensure the long-term success of our employees, customers, and community. 

OUR mission

Work tirelessly to inspire and implement solutions to build world class projects.

our core values


We refuse to be mediocre.  We strive to offer our customers the utmost quality, reliability, and respect. 



We make it home safe every day.  Period.  No job or task is worth life or limb.



We do the right thing, all the time.  We make honest and ethical business decisions that benefit our teams, our customers, and our community.



We rely on the strengths of all our team members, leveraging the capabilities of the group for the best possible outcome for our teams, our customers, and our community.  We communicate clearly and candidly to support the mission of the company. 



We strive to make our processes more efficient and sustainable, and adopt new technologies to better perform our work.



We invest in our community to support the development of future generations and to leave our world better than we found it.

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